Out of School

Youth Project

Prime Your Business is delighted to announce the sponsorship of the Out of School Youth Project.

From left, Meave Commins and Martin Commins of Prime Your Business, with Ronan Scully of Self Help Africa

This project, in Kenya, provides vocational and technical training to young people who wish to start on a good path in their life. Depending on the course of choice, it is possible to come from the slums and begin the journey to becoming a Nurse.

The funds necessary to assist this work under the direction of Sr. Miriam Duggan will hopefully be raised through a ‘consultation for a donation’ format. People may be familiar with the Architects of Ireland and Simon Community collaboration, “Open House”.  Martin and Maeve of Prime Your Business recognised and admired this formula for fundraising and, as a result, are now offering twelve one-hour consultations.

There will be a choice of six topics for a donation.The cost of training a young person with Sr. Miriam is approximately 300 euro,we hope to assist six young people and therefore have a target of around 1800 euro. This fund raising will be available both within and beyond the Linkedin community.

This is a lovely opportunity to do some good and acquire some knowledge.

To find out more please contact Maeve Commins at [email protected] or Ronan Scully at ronan.scully@selfhelpafrica.org

Or submit your details in the form below and we will get in touch:


The Six Topics:

1. Selecting the best software system to run your business

  • The 5 mistakes that people make;
  • Step by step guide to a comprehensive selection process
  • The most important contractual document to focus on & which contract document should be ignored;
  • How  to save 20% of the implementation cost at the contract negotiation stage.

2. Preparing properly for the installation of your business system

  • The key attributes to consider when selecting the best people within the business for the project team;
  • Structuring the project plan to ease the workload and stress on the project team;
  • How to correctly estimate the three workstreams that may be underestimated or even omitted from the vendor’s project plan.
  • Understanding the role of the Vendor’s project manager and protecting the interests of your business.

3. Key aspects of the installation project that require significant amount of time from the internal project team.

  • Data Migration:
    • Which type of Data Migration should be focused on first;
    • Which type should be performed manually; and
    • Which type should be minimised if not ignored completely
  • How to properly specify the key reports required for the new system.
  • Tips on how to ensure that test scripts are comprehensive enough to include all real-life scenarios (and on how to start this workstream early).
  • Effective training of the end users.

4. Getting Ready for the new system going “Live”.

  • Creating a day by day plan to achieve an effective go-live.
  • Traditional Go-Live tasks that may be omitted without any negative impact on the installation;
  • Identification of Go Live tasks that may be automated and go-live tasks that must be manual;
  • Templates to use for the control and expeditious completion of installation snag issues.

5. Change Management: To ensure the system is installed as  a standard implementation.

  • The quantitative & qualitive benefits of “Going Vanilla” (Going Vanilla means going with the standard system and not doing any customisation for your business).
  • Project templates/structures to put in place to ensure that software ‘customisation’ is kept at a minor ‘configuration’ level.
  • The key Change Management initiatives that must be followed to ensure acceptance of a non-customised system
  • Project management tasks that may modified to incorporate some key change management initiatives.

6. Operational Excellence for the Office workplace (and for working from home):

  • Four key initiatives to ensure people “work smarter”  and complete their work within the standard office hours;
  • Simple templates to readily identify processes and/or initiatives for process improvement;
  • How to design processes to deliver efficiencies and improved levels of customer service (SLAs) while also improving quality of work and staff morale

Two case studies to demonstrate benefits of applying operational excellence in the workplace.