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In Brazil

A middle-income country, Brazil remains one of the most unequal in the world. An estimated 65 million people – 30 per cent of the population are living in poverty. More than half (52 per cent) are located in the northeast region, with widespread urban and rural poverty and high rates of violence. Young people and women are among the most vulnerable.  

Despite Brazil’s potential to meet the needs and ensure the rights of the most vulnerable, rights-focused public policies are insufficient or not being enforced as written in law.  

Since 1997, through United Purpose, we have worked in partnership with local civil society organisations and networks to tackle poverty and inequality in Brazil’s northeast region by:  

  • Supporting rural and urban women and youth-led enterprises to boost their earning potential and improve their families’ well-being. 
  • Improving life and future work opportunities for children through educational and cultural activities. 
  • Supporting the well-being of the socially vulnerable with a view to healthier lives. 
  • Work with communities to ensure they have the knowledge and skills they need to advocate their needs (social accountability). 
  • Supporting organisations’ skills to engage in consultative and policy decision-making processes, as they buld their capacity to tackle the causes of poverty and inequality. 
  • Strengthening systems that protect children from violence and exploitation. 

    Brazil projects

    Confronting menstrual poverty through women’s economic empowerment

    Poor access to sanitary products is holding back the education, economic autonomy and health of women and girls in some communities. To help change that, we are working with local organisations to pilot a menstrual health and hygiene project with seven groups of women in the northeast of Brazil.  

    This project, ‘Confronting menstrual poverty through women’s economic empowerment’, will change lives by increasing women’s empowerment and economic autonomy, by providing access to reusable sanitary pads made by the women. The aim is to reduce social vulnerability,   and raise awareness of women’s health and rights and the ecological benefits of reusable pads. 

    Providing wellbeing support

    We have also been managing a government wellbeing programme for hundreds of vulnerable people, aimed at reducing their stress, building their self-esteem, and contributing to improving their lives. 


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