Governance, Accountability and transparency

Governance structure

As a charity, Self Help Africa has no shareholders. Members effectively fill the role of shareholders. Members are supporters of the organisation, believe in its mission and vision and are prepared to get involved on a voluntary basis to support the organisation.

The members elect directors and the board is accountable to the members at its Annual General Meeting (AGM). A director must be a member.

Our management team supports the board in the achievement of its objectives and are accountable to the board.

Self Help Africa is fully compliant with the Irish Development NGOs’ Code of Corporate Governance developed by the Corporate Governance Association of Ireland in partnership with Dochas.

The Board

The Board of Self Help Africa is a skills-based Board. It is elected from the membership at its annual general meeting. The maximum number of Board members is twelve. To ensure good board renewal, each year one third of the directors shall retire by rotation. The maximum term limit for any director is nine years.

The Board can co-opt members of the organisation when necessary to maintain a full complement of Directors, co-opted Directors will then stand for election at the next annual general meeting.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the strategy of Self Help Africa, approving budgets, major policies, monitoring performance, reviewing and ensuring management proposals are actioned.
The Board has seven standing committees:

who else is the board accountable to?

Aside from our members, the Board is accountable to:

Our donors, to ensure that funds donated are used effectively in pursuit of the organisation’s objectives.

Our programme beneficiaries, for the design and implementation of effective programmes that make a real difference in the countries where we operate.

Our staff, for their development, welfare and safety.

Self Help Africa has robust complaints procedures in place. Find out how to make a Confidential Report.

who is on the Board?

The Board of Self Help Africa is currently made up of the following people:

Carmel Fox, Chair
David Governey
Joe Healy
Pat Murphy
Jim Kinsella
Jim Galvin
– Sheila Walsh
– Catherine Fizgibbon
– Martin Ryan

Find out more about our Board of Directors

who is on the Senior Management Team?

The management team of Self Help Africa is currently made up of the following people:

Ray Jordan, Group CEO
Peter McDevitt, CFOO
Orla Kilcullen, Programmes Director
David Dalton, Executive Director
Martha Hourican, Director of Business Development
– George Jacob, Head of Communications

Find out more about our Senior Management Team

what is expected of a member of Self Help Africa?

Members must be actively engaged in supporting the organisation. As an international non-governmental organisation dedicated to the alleviation of poverty in Africa, Self Help Africa members are expected to contribute more to the organisation than the minimum requirements of company law.

More details about the role of a member are available here.

To become a member, you need to be approved by the Board of Directors. If you are interested in becoming a member please contact :

Financial Statements


Self Help Africa is a signatory to the Dochas Code of Conduct on the responsible use of images and messages.

The Code is our commitment to respect the dignity of the people and communities with whom we work in Africa, and to reflect this respect in the manner in which we use pictures and information relating to these people.

More details about the code are available here.