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In Burkina Faso

Living in arid regions on the edge of the Sahara desert, farmers in West Africa are on the front line in the fight against climate change.

Projects in Burkina Faso are implemented through local partners, with the focus on adding value to farm production and creating links between small-scale agricultural producers and private sector companies. Because of the hot, dry climate and unpredictable weather patterns of the region, there is a particular emphasis on promoting farming approaches that are ‘climate smart’, and enabling farming communities to diversify their production.

Full name: Burkina Faso 
Population: 23,251,485  
Population Growth: 2.55% 
Capital: Ouagadougou
Area: 520 km²
Major Languages: French, Mossi
Major Religions: Islam, Christianity

Burkina Faso Projects

Sustainable intensification of food production through resilient farming systems in West & North Africa (SustIn Africa)

SustIn Africa is a research project empowering West and North African smallholder farmers, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to facilitate the sustainable intensification of food production through resilient farming systems in West and North Africa. The aim is to develop a reference framework on best agricultural practices and technologies, to be used and replicated beyond the project’s duration.  

 SustIn Africa is a consortium of 16 organisations from 11 countries. The five year project, funded by the EU Horizon Research and Innovation Programme, started in 2020.  
Collaboration is central to the SustIn Africa approach. Self Help Africa and other consortium partners will input into other relevant ongoing projects, sharing knowledge, expertise, approaches, methodologies, and results.  

The links between ecosystems, agronomic practices, societal drivers and the welfare of smallholder farmers and communities is a crucial aspect of the SustIn Africa project.   A participatory, collaborative approach ensures  inclusiveness, to  help empower  smallholder farmers, especially women and youths, as well as SMEs.  

 SustIn Africa also connects smallholders to SMEs and establishes networks with other relevant  partners including  soil associations and farmers’ unions, and strengthens the preparation of policy recommendations for informing policymakers on best practices. 


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