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What we do

Our education team in Ireland are here to inform and encourage all educators to facilitate their students to become conscious global citizens. We are here to support you to integrate global justice and sustainability into your subject’s curriculum delivery.

  1. Preparing my students for an increasingly globalised world
  2. Promoting creative and critical thinking
  3. Using real-life examples and case studies<
  4. Integrating a local and global perspective
  5. Promoting participatory and student-led activities
  6. Global citizenship teacher priority
  7. Seeking out opportunities for my students to take meaningful action

We can assist you in the delivery of:
- Ideas for BT Young Scientist projects.
- Explaining the concept & practical steps towards Sustainability.
- Exploring; ethics, social justice and eradication of poverty.
- Responding to climate crisis.

Self Help Africa (SHA) is an Irish, international development charity with an expertise in small-scale farming and growing family-farm businesses. We are dedicated to ending hunger and poverty in rural Africa. SHA currently works in 8 African countries.

‘Teachers are important part of society, doctors are very important to us all, but farmers are vital!’

To achieve sustainability it is vital we are connected to and invested in how and where our food is produced.

Relevant Key Skills covered by our workshops

Development Education and Global Citizenship are relevant to the new curriculum Key Skills

Being literate

Expressing ideas clearly and accurately.

Managing myself

Being able to reflect on my own learning.

Staying well

Being positive about learning.

Managing information and thinking

Being curious. Thinking creatively and critically.

Being numerate

Developing a positive disposition towards investigating, reasoning and problem-solving.

Being creative

Exploring options and alternatives. Implementing ideas and taking action.

Working with others

Contributing to making the world a better place.


Listening and expressing myself. Discussing and debating.

Our interactive workshops are available to your school, college or event on a range of topics that reflect our programmes in Africa. Topics included:

  • Sustainability: Sustainable Agriculture, food security & nutrition.

  • Coping with climate change - How do we impact communities around the world?

  • Gender Equality; the role of women in African development

  • The Ethics of Trade; sustainability and global justice

  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030

  • The ‘Science for Development’ Award at the BT Young Scientist Competition.

For more information contact the schools team: schools@selfhelpafrica.org

How our workshop offers are relevant to specific JC subjects

Recommended external websites and links

Development Education in Ireland: www.developmenteducation.ie

Sustainable Development Goals: www.globalgoals.org

Classroom resources:

Gap Minder : Interactive maps and statistics. Use the ‘health & wealth graph to highlight inequality. Also explore ‘Dollar Street’.

Visit Awraamba : An inspirational village in Ethiopia. Beautiful interactive video resource. Videos also available on YouTube (gender inequality)

*different resources listed on the Global Student page, so check there too!


Self Help Africa is committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of children while they are participating in events run by or on behalf of Self Help Africa. Self Help Africa adheres to the requirements of the Children First Act 2015 (“CFA”) and the National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children, 2017 (“Children First Guidance, 2017”) developed by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs and also requires those who run events on its behalf to do so. CHILD SAFEGUARDING STATEMENT

For more info or to book a workshop contact: schools@selfhelpafrica.org