Poverty reduction in Northern Ghana through sustainable agriculture interventions and enterprise development

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A project that seeks to build climate change resilience amongst small-holder farming communities is being implemented by local partners TRAX-Ghana. Work is taking place in the Dachio and Pelunga areas of Upper East Region, and Mozio and Pagnatik Zones in Northern Ghana.

The project aims to build the resilience of 2,000 small-holding farm families in Northern Ghana to cope with climate change and produce food in changing environmental conditions. TRAX are promoting a range of soil and water conservation, and other natural resource management activities, in order to enable small scale farmers to become more resilient to climate change.

They are providing technical assistance and direction on a project in which they are collaborating with community based trainers at designated project zones. they are also working with Ministry of Agriculture extension staff, with Trade Aid, Savannah Farmers Marketing Company (SFMC) and Savannah Pure Honey Company (SPHC) on different aspects of this work.