New crops give farmer new future

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Sydney web

The harsh realities of life in rural Africa cause many to grow up too quickly; this was the case for Zambian Sydney Kalota, who lost both parents in quick succession as a teenager. Left without any relatives close by to support him. Left alone, he did the only thing he knew to survive, he began to farm.

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Farming for the family

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Gastone and family

Scovia and Gastone Ndisasirwa are amongst thousands of Ugandans whose lives are being transformed by a scheme supporting the development of fruit and vegetable gardens as a means of improving household nutrition.

Young parents of two girls, their garden now looks as if it could stock a supermarket vegetable counter – with cabbage, amaranthus, papaya and tomato growing alongside pumpkin and other produce.

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Nutrition central to agriculture development

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<pThe blight of hunger and malnutrition, which affects one in 12 people across the globe, is the central focus of an international conference hosted by the UN in Rome, this month. Figures from across the globe, including Pope Francis, attended the event, to find solutions to a global challenge that, in a world of so many excesses, is hard to countenance in the 21st century.

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