Enterprising roots!

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In Kenya, a new programme is working to develop the business potential of cassava production in the country. Some of the necessary supports Kenyan companies receive include financial management, sales and marketing, and IT systems training.

Through this programme, farmers cooperatives, firms that work with cassava receive technical backing to improve business efficiency and management systems.

SHA retained nine business server providers to mentor and train cassava-oriented farmers, coops, and centres. In doing this, the organisation hopes to overcome obstacles to their business growth.

One of these contributors is micro-loans provider, Rafiki Micro Finance Bank, an implementing partner in the project. The bank gave more than 13m KS$ (€115,000) in small loans to provide companies with working capital and allow them to invest in equipment.

Over a five year period, the EU-funded programme will work with 28 MSMEs and 14 agricultural cooperatives. The project aims to improve both market access and profitability of cassava production for small-scale farmers in Kenya.

Amongst the companies that benefit from the project to date are Eastcom Natural Foods, Machakos Millers, Magos Farm Enterprises, Escope Strategic Solutions Limited, Christine Mwita General Stores, Gokona Aggregation Centre and Kasembo Aggregation Centre.