East Africa Food Crisis

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Fighting food crisis

Your support is needed in combatting the world’s largest humanitarian crisis

20 million people across Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan and Somalia are in urgent need of food as the East Africa food crisis worsens.

Self Help Africa’s expertise is in agricultural development. We believe that a response at farm household level is vital, in supporting vulnerable communities to respond to this current food crisis in an effective and targeted way.



  • We need help in Kenya, where we have begun distributing planting materials to 4,500 households in Kilifa district, so that families can plant the crops they will need in the months ahead, to work their way out of this latest emergency.
  • We need help in Ethiopia, where we have begun mobilising to distribute emergency seed, fertilizer, farm tools and draught animals in affected areas of Amhara and Oromia regions, so that thousands of farming families can begin planting just as soon as the seasonal (Meher) rains arrive, in a little over a month’s time
  • And we need help in Malawi, where thousands of households need help to combat a devastating invasion by Fall Armyworm, which is destroying maize and other cereal crops across the region, and is causing a grave food crisis in the country.


ETHIOPIA – is experiencing its worst drought in decades, with more than 10 million people in need of food and aid. Ensuring that households have seed to plant will mean that in the months ahead, households can harvest the food that their families will need to recover from the current crisis.

KENYA – green-gram and pigeon pea seed is being distributed to 4,500 households NOW will mean that these families (approx. 30,000 people) will have close to 200 kilos (a 10-months supply) of nutrient-rich food available to them, in a little over three months time.

MALAWI – Just weeks away from harvest-time, our efforts to combat fall armyworm will ensure that thousands of farming families can combat this invasion, and salvage their vital food harvest before it is too late. Our responses are critical, and can provide a lasting solution for vulnerable families, for the months and years ahead.

This week, the United Nations declared the food crisis in East Africa as the world’s largest humanitarian crisis since the end of World War II.  Lend your support, and help us to help rural families in three of the most vulnerable regions to combat this crisis, and create a future that is free from hunger.

* Reports from Ethiopia show that households provided with drought tolerant seed varieties by Self Help Africa had harvested 50% of their normal food crop, as compared to an almost complete crop failure experienced by others in the region. 

Help us to save lives in East Africa