40 In 40 Challenge

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40K in 40 days

Challenge For Lent

  • When

    Register and take part for 40 days

  • Location

    In your local area

  • Cost

    €16 - that's just 40c per day, for 40 days!

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Keep motivated, keep moving - and help plant the planet!

Take on the 40 in 40 Challenge for Self Help Africa this Lent - and we'll plant a tree on your behalf in Africa, for every day of the Challenge!

 How does it work?

  • Sign up for just 40c per day - so €16. Kids can sign up for just €4! 
  • Pledge to walk/run at least 1km a day, for the 40 days of Lent, starting 17 February
  • We'll plant a tree for every kilometre (up to 40km) - so you are planting a tree a day, every day, this Lent
  • We'll send you a 40 leaf tree to track your progress - great for the kids!
  • Join our supportive Facebook community and cheer each other on.

Whether it’s your daily exercise outing, up and down the stairs, laps of the garden or on the spot - just keep moving for the 40 in 40 Challenge!

You can take on a bigger challenge too, like 4,000 steps a day, 40,000 steps a week, or 400,000 steps for the 40 days of Lent. Just set your goal and know that you’ll be planting a tree each day.

Want to plant even more trees? You can also start a Facebook fundraiser – donations from your friends and family will go towards Self Help Africa’s tree planting efforts and other livelihoods projects.

At the end of your challenge, 40 trees will be planted in Africa on your behalf and you’ll receive GPS locations of the trees you have planted so that you can see them via satellite as they grow.

In Africa, trees not only help remove harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, they also provide an important source of food, income, shade and shelter for rural poor households.

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