Supporting Communities on The Frontline of Climate Change

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In Baringo County in Kenya’s Rift Valley, 33 year old Faith Muge lives on the frontline of climate change.

Successive years of drought have made it difficult to produce food on the bone dry half acre field that she farms in Komolion District.

Poor harvests of maize meant that Faith had to supplement her meagre income by collecting water and firewood for others.

She is amongst 1,000 marginalised households in Baringo being supported by Self Help Africa, who provided her with farm training and with seed, so that she could start growing green gram, drought tolerant sorghum, as well as sweet potato vines.

Faith never finished primary school, but wants her own daughter to complete her education. She believes it is her best route out of poverty. “If you can read and write you have a chance. Otherwise, life here is hard,” she says.