Self Help Africa Launches New Five-Year Strategy For Malawi

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Self Help Africa has launched an ambitious five-year strategy (2023-2027) together with a refreshed new brand identity in Malawi. The new strategy commits us to supporting the government of Malawi’s ‘Agenda 2063’ of delivering self-reliance within the next 40 years.

Malawi Country Director Kate Hartley-Louis told an audience that included donors, partners, diplomats, government officials and development sector representatives that the organisation intended to strengthen collaboration as it supported the Government of Malawi’s ‘2063’ agenda in the coming years.

Two years after the integration of the operations of Self Help Africa and United Purpose, the Country Director said that the new five-year strategy combined the strengths and expertise of two organisations that had worked in Malawi for close to 60 years: “Together, we are building on our combined experiences, and on hard-earned reputations as responsive organisations that are honest and accountable”.

Self Help Africa CEO, Feargal O’Connell, said that the organisation was committed to the ambition to move ‘beyond aid,’ in line with the Government of Malawi’s efforts to progress the country towards self-reliance.

Self Help Africa’s new strategy sets a bold vision of sustainable livelihoods and healthy lives for all in a changing climate. Achieved through four Strategic Objectives – sustainable landscapes, resilient food systems and healthy communities; sustainable businesses, decent employment and thriving economies; crisis response and resilience; and system strengthening and the creation of an enabling policy environment in Malawi.

The CEO of the Malawi NGO Regulatory Authority, Voice Mahone, said that Self Help Africa was an example to others of the values of accountability, transparency, and good governance. “We look forward to continuing to follow the achievements of Self Help Africa and the delivery against its clear metrics for the next five years.”

Dr. Thomas Munthali, Director of the National Planning Commission said that “Self Help Africa’s four strategic objectives were aligned with the Malawi 2063 aspirations. “We will positively engage with partners such as Self Help Africa that are geared at supporting the country with inclusive wealth creation and self-reliance strategies,” he added. The new five-year Malawi Strategy emphasises partnership, localisation, accountability, and an even closer collaboration with the Government of Malawi.

Read the full strategy here

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