Planting a Tree for every Electric Picnicker!

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Hugging A Tree At Electric Picnic

We were joined by hundreds of festival-goers at this year’s Electric Picnic, where we highlighted the impact of changing climate change and the role of trees in combating global warming, and the importance of trees to the lives of small-scale farming households in Africa.

The response to our “Hug a Tree and We’ll Plant Three” campaign was so positive that we’re going to plant a total of 57,500 tree seedlings in Africa – one on behalf of every attendee at this year’s festival. 

Hug-a-Tree was a fun way to talk about an important topic, and also engage people in the festival-fun. “Trees are also essential in vulnerable regions of the world, where they provide food, fodder, fertiliser and fuel, as well as shade and shelter for rural poor communities,” Self Help Africa’s education officer Dorothy Jacob said.

Here’s a short video that tells you more!