Poultry’s potential being realised by Lillian

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Lilian in Zambia with Chicken

“Good things come to those who are prepared to work hard for them,” says Lillian, a 59-year-old grandmother whose success as a poultry producer in Manjakazi village in Eastern Zambia is an inspiration to others.

More than four years ago Lillian Makukula constructed a complex network of poultry houses on her small farm in the centre of the village – and quickly began attracting the interest and attention of others.

Lillian300“I learned about poultry-breeding, about the importance of proper feed and the importance of proper housing, and I also received an improved breed cockerel, which has helped me to strengthen the breeding of my local birds,” she said. “The chicks that I now produce are much bigger and stronger, and my hens are giving me eggs every day.”

Lillian’s daughter Emma supports her in the small business, while also working in a voluntary capacity since she was trained as a ‘community development advisor’ for the district. Emma advises villagers on different agricultural practices. She says that she’s proud of her mother’s efforts. “I am always happy to bring people to the farm to show them about poultry rearing,” she says. “They can see for themselves the effect that better breeding and better animal care can have on production.”

“It looks like a lot of work to build these chicken houses, but the benefits are there for everyone to see,” says Emma, who moved back home with her two young children when her marriage ended a few years ago.

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