Join Our Webinar on Gender Equity to Celebrate Rural Women’s Day

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Self Help Africa will be hosting a webinar titled ‘Gender Equity – Obstacles &
Opportunities for Rural Women Today in celebration of International Rural
Women’s Day.

Join us on Tuesday, 18th October, and hear from rural women – and the women
supporting them – on their priorities and needs, as well as approaches to
advancing gender equity that are enabling rural women to transform their lives
and those of their families and the wider community.

In low-income countries around the world, women play a crucial, and often
uneven, role in agriculture and food production. Rural women are the backbone
of African agriculture – they produce over 70% of food on smallholder farms but
traditionally receive far less support and make less decisions about household
income compared to men.

The climate crisis is disproportionately affecting women, making it even harder
for them to realise their full potential. But change is possible – and at Self Help
Africa, we see it every day in communities we support.

The event will feature voices from around the globe who can speak with
authority about the challenges, and the action that women can and are taking to
empower and advance themselves.