Goats for Good

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We’re delighted that St Helen’s farm, the home of fresh goats milk, has confirmed a twelve-month partnership with Self Help Africa.

The Yorkshire-based farm supplies a range or goats’ milk products across all major supermarkets.

Look out for goat-themed activities and promotions over the next few months as St. Helen’s Farm promotes out work to its customers and we’ll be introducing our supporters to St Helen’s Farm.

Early in 2015 St Helen’s Farm will also carry the Self Help Africa story on over 1 million packs of its goat’s milk and donate 1p for every pack sold.

‘We work with a select number of partners each year and Self Help Africa is a charity that we know resonates with our customers. There is a great deal of common ground and as a working farm and dairy we are delighted to be supporting a cause that champions farming as a workable solution to famine across Africa’ says Mike Hind, Sales and Marketing manager of St Helen’s Farm.

Ray Jordan, CEO of Self Help Africa comments: ‘we are immensely grateful to St Helen’s Farm for their backing for our work. Much of what we do on the ground in Africa, is based on partnerships with other organisations. It’s fantastic that, here in the UK, leading suppliers like St Helen’s want to be part of the effort to transform lives of farming families across Africa.’


About St Helen’s Farm:

• St Helen’s Farm is the leading goats’ milk dairy in the UK and its products are available in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons and Ocado.
• St Helen’s Farm goats milk is 100% British and is available in Tesco and Sainsbury’s.
• St Helen’s Farm has been making goats’ milk products since 1986 and is based at Seaton Ross in East Yorkshire.
• The business is part of the Kavli Trust, a charitable organisation that donates profits from commercial activities to good causes in the UK and around the world.
• The St Helen’s Farm product range includes milk, butter, cheese, yogurts, cream and ice cream.