Food For Thought - Week Five

Food Security and Current Events: More Food For Thought

Welcome back to Food for Thought. Thanks for joining us again this week! 

This week's Food for Thought is a little different. Our Self Help Africa Food for Thought team thought we would take the opportunity this week to share resources from other sources relating to the topic of food security in relation to current global events.

The annual Global Report on Food Crises (GRFC) is a comprehensive, helpful resource for anyone who is looking for a current,  comprehensive overview of the food security situation in every region of the world.

The latest mid-year update of the GRFC, which covers January-August 2023, shows that there are three main types of shock driving food insecurity - conflict and insecurity, climate events, and economic shocks. These shocks - all of which can be tied to current global events - are resulting in millions of people around the world experiencing hunger and malnutrition.

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