Food For Thought – Week one

Maggie Ngetha, AgriFI Kenya – Introduction: Hunger, Food security & Poverty in 2021

Welcome to Food for Thought: How to Feed the World in the 21st Century. Thanks so much for joining us! 

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This week, we’ve Maggie Ngetha, from SHA’s AgriFI Programme in Kenya, providing an introduction to the course, and taking us through the key themes of hunger, food security and poverty in 2021. Watch Maggie’s presentation below, and scroll down for links to further resources and Food for Thought!

A little more Food for Thought…

Learn more about World Food Day, on the UN FAO site.

Learn more about World Food Day, on the Self Help Africa site.

For more in-depth information on food security & nutrition in 2021, here’s the State of Food Security & Nutrition in the World report from the UN FAO.