Farmers of the future

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School gardening is a time-tabled activity for the children attending Siamatika Primary School in Southern Zambia.

And why not? – virtually all of the kids in the 510 pupil school come from farming backgrounds, and those that don’t usually have some land at home where their family grow maize and other crops.

The two acre garden that has been established adjacent to the school is used by pupils to grow maize, tomato, onion, green pepper, cornflour and a number of other crops.

The small maize crop produced on the plot this year was harvested and sold locally for €30, while the vegetables that the children produce were sold to parents and teachers at the school.

Teacher Teddy Movita says that the garden is a way to give children practical training in how to tend to different crops. “They are involved in every step – preparing the land, planting the seeds, watering and weeding, and at harvest time they arrange for the produce to be sold,” he says.

“It is a good experience for life because most of these children will work as farmers when they finish school.” The Siamatika School Garden receives advise and technical support from Self Help Africa’s local partners Harvest Help Zambia.