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  • Democratic Republic of the Congo overview

    Self Help Africa focuses on helping smallholder farmers across Africa to increase the profitability of their enterprises. We work across whole value chains, from increasing production, through to aggregation, processing, improving market links and financing. Self Help Africa’s expertise includes promoting green economic development; strengthening and supporting producer organisations; facilitating access to credit; the enhancement of market systems; and strengthening value chain actors, with a particular focus on nutritious crops.  

    Self Help Africa, having merged with trade export capacity and SME development specialists Traidlinks in 2017, has recently secured funding from TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) for an Export Capacity Programme focusing on increasing exports from eastern DRC to Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda. The Traidlinks programme focused on SME capacity building, business-to-business linkage, enterprise and value chain development, and successfully completed programmes in Uganda (2009-2016), Rwanda (2013-2018), Burundi (2015-16) and DRC (from 2018). Self Help Africa is also able to draw on the expertise and resources of sister organisation TruTrade, which has developed a unique ICT platform for collaborative supply chain management that can provide digital trading records that enhance transparency for all supply chain actors as well as mobile payments and interactive voice response (IVR) messaging to farmers.

  • Population: 105 million (World Data 2020) 
    Population Growth (Yearly): 3.2%
    Capital:  Kinshasa
    Area: 2.345 million km²
    Major Languages: French, Kikongo, Lingala, Swahili, Tshiluba.
    Major Religions: Christianity, Islam, Traditional Beliefs


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