Corporate Tree Planting

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Tree Planting

  • When

    Autumn 2020

  • Location

    Various Locations in Ireland

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Alone, we can’t fix the problem of global warming, but we can all play a part.

Will your company join Self Help Africa in planting 1,000,000 new trees in sub-Saharan Africa and 100,000 native trees in Ireland?

You can make a real impact in combatting climate change by helping us to plant the planet.

Self Help Africa, with our partners Trees On The Land, are hosting tree planting days for corporate supporters.

These events provide a perfect and meaningful occasion for team building; a chance for staff who have been working remotely to meet up, and an opportunity for you and your colleagues to engage in enjoyable yet impactful work – planting native Irish trees.

These initiatives are a part of Self Help Africa’s ‘One Million Trees’ campaign in partnership with Glenisk – which will see us plant 10 trees in sub-Saharan Africa for every native tree planted at home in Ireland.

Our One Million Trees local partner, Trees On The Land, will identify suitable sites across the island where you can spend a day helping us to plant the planet in 2020 and 2021. For every native Irish tree you plant, Self Help Africa will plant a further ten trees in Africa.

We will provide everything necessary to make your Tree Planting a memorable occasion. All planting materials and equipment will be provided, and we can assist with transport logistics and catering. Measures are being taken to ensure all the necessary care and precautions are taken to meet the challenges resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

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