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Dear Supporter,
from the beginning of May we are changing our name, to simply ‘Self Help Africa’.
This makes better sense of who we are and what we do in the countries where we work. And the time is right to do this.

Ray_Jordan_250Gorta and Self Help Africa merged in 2014.  We had a lot in common in terms of values and approach, complementary skills and experience. We knew we could do much more, and better, as one combined and stronger charity.  Since then, and to acknowledge this amalgamation, we have been ‘Gorta-Self Help Africa’ in Ireland.

We are now reaching twice as many people, over 4 million, every year.

We have grown in income and impact each year, with the confidence and support of funders such as the Irish government and European Union. And by being more efficient, we have reduced the amount needed for essential support costs to just 9%.

That means 91% of everything we spend goes directly to helping poor farming families.

At the same time, we are restructuring our organisation as ‘The Gorta Group’ – to oversee the operations of Self Help Africa, and of our social enterprise subsidiaries, Partner Africa, TruTrade and Traidlinks. Our board of directors become the directors of The Gorta Group.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch:

[email protected] or call us on 01-6778880.