Farm support for Kenya HIV group

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Membership of a support group for people living with HIV and AIDS in the Naivasha district of Kenya, has made a world of difference to Peter Mugo’s life. He has received farm training and other backing.

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What’s in a Name?

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The challenges facing those engaged in the development process can be many and varied –as is illustrated by one particular case which confronted Self Help Africa extension staff in the Lare District of Kenya, when they began their work.The challenge presented itself when Self Help began working with a group … Read More

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Diversification of Crops Paying Dividends

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For many smallholder farmers in the Rift Valley, tilling the soil is more necessity than calling, more occupation than interest. They do it to eat, to support a family, to survive. They usually do it also to grow maize. But to John Mwangi, farming has always been more than that; … Read More

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Goat scheme feeding many mouths

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Supporting and feeding a family in Kenya’s Rift Valley is difficult for many – producing the food required to feed a community of orphans greatly increases the challenge.

But that is what the Imani New Step group in Kamathata village near Nakuru are doing, and their task has been made far easier as a result of the agricultural support provided by Self Help Africa.

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