Getting started fundraising

What ever the weather and wherever you live, there’s always something you can do to support Self Help Africa.

Fundraising Ideas

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of inspiring ideas big and small on how to fundraise for SHA. There’s something for everyone!


We organise and encourage our supporters to to get involved with a whole calendar of fundraising events. Parties, challenges, trips, both at home and abroad!


Celebrate harvest with SHA — our free church harvest resources include a poster, a talk, children’s activities and stories from the African families we’re working with.

Harvest Appeal

What Can I do?

Your event or activity doesn’t need to be ambitious – it can be as simple as having friends over for a cup of coffee, a dinner party or a get together, and asking for a donation. Check out our fundraising ideas section — there’s something for everyone!

Why Fundraise?

Doing something in aid of Self Help Africa will give you a great sense of achievement as every penny will help to make a dramatic difference to the lives of families in rural Africa.

Keep Us Informed!

Please speak to us before raising money in our name. We will be able to give you some advice and publicity. It is also useful to know about events as members of the public may phone us with enquiries about your event. The simplest way to get in touch is to call us on +44 (0)1743 277170 (Shrewsbury) or +44 (0)28 9087 7777 (Belfast).

Posters and publicity: If you produce your own posters or tickets you must display our charity number, which is 298830 in the UK.