Projects Worked with Over 378,000 families

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Self Help Africa supported more than 378,000 households to grow more and earn more from their farms and small businesses, last year.

This is amongst the top line figures in our newly published Annual Report, which provides detailed analysis and accounting of our work and the impact that it had on the lives of rural poor communities in sub-Saharan Africa.

The document reports that the organisation carried out 32 separate agricultural and enterprise development project, while it’s social enterprise subsidiaries broadened our work accessing and developing markets, and supporting national and international companies to do business in Africa.

More than 350,000 farmers who worked with Self Help Africa during 2019 diversified their farm activities in some way, and over 200,000 households increased their ability to cope with shocks – climatic, social, environmental or economic.

During 2019, Self Help Africa supported 265,000 people to access financial services – helping them to create and invest in new farming activities and small income generating business opportunities.

The report showed that over 55% of all of the people we supported in our projects last year, were women.

Alongside these core programmes, our social enterprise subsidiary TruTrade continued to develop market opportunities for farmers in Uganda and Kenya, while Partner Africa provided consultancy services to organisations and businesses in more than 40 African countries.

Self Help Africa had a total turnover of more than €25m last year. Just over 50% of this funding came from European Commission sources, over 14% from the Irish Government, more than 13% was raised from the general public, while over 23% of income came from other sources.

Click here to read the full 2019 Annual Report.