Proud parent celebrates daughter’s graduation

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It was a proud day for 45-year-old Dorothy Sijambo Habat when her daughter came home with a university diploma. Unable to finish high school herself, Dorothy has made it her life’s work to ensure her children get the opportunity she missed out on.

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Ethiopian widow’s seed success

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A widow, Schmegie Kulbla is part of the solution to the problem that small-scale farmers across Ethiopia face in accessing good quality crop seed. Upwards of 90% of the country’s farmers produce their own seed from year to year, standards are poor, and often result in crop yields that are just a fraction of their potential.

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Farm support for Kenya HIV group

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Membership of a support group for people living with HIV and AIDS in the Naivasha district of Kenya, has made a world of difference to Peter Mugo’s life. He has received farm training and other backing.

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