A Couple of Model Farmers

Self Help AfricaCase Study, Malawi


Farmers Laurence and Margaret Malikita are an inspiration to their friends and neighbours in Libwalo village, in Malawi’s Nsondole Project area, outside Zomba. They are members of the Libwalo Village Farmers Club established by Self Help in the late 1990’s to promote improved irrigation and farming practices in the community. Laurence … Read More

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Self Help AfricaMalawi, News


Water supply and management is one of the key challenges facing most African smallholders. It’s a challenge made all the more testing by the impact of climate variability. But it’s a challenge that can yield a healthy dividend, as has been witnessed with wetland management efforts in Malawi and Zambia that have resulted in crop yields increasing by between 30-60%, as a direct result of work that local village committees have carried out in collaboration with Self Help Africa.

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