Tomato Marketing

Self Help AfricaCase Study, Tanzania, Zambia


Rising out of the surrounding marshes is a hillock on which Chali Mange Llishebo and his sons and nephews are involved in the small-scale commercial production of tomatoes and cabbage.One of 73 local members of the Lui Farmers Commodity Group, his half-acre plot has been a hive of activity in … Read More

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Esther Zimba

Self Help AfricaCase Study, Zambia


“I lived a life without much hope. This Kid you see was left by my late sister when he was only three days old. I struggled to bring him up because I had no source of any income”. “Self Help Africa has brought hope to my life because of the … Read More

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Doctor of Crops

Self Help AfricaCase Study, Malawi


Lead farmer Frederick Msiska from Malawi. Fredrick (the ‘Doctor of Crops’) is a very dynamic and innovative farmer who has adopted practically every sustainable agriculture practice known! He gave us a tour of his fields which included 9000+ maize plants and 3000+ groundnuts all looking very healthy and grown with … Read More

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A Couple of Model Farmers

Self Help AfricaCase Study, Malawi


Farmers Laurence and Margaret Malikita are an inspiration to their friends and neighbours in Libwalo village, in Malawi’s Nsondole Project area, outside Zomba. They are members of the Libwalo Village Farmers Club established by Self Help in the late 1990’s to promote improved irrigation and farming practices in the community. Laurence … Read More

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