Esther Zimba

Self Help AfricaCase Study, Zambia


“I lived a life without much hope. This Kid you see was left by my late sister when he was only three days old. I struggled to bring him up because I had no source of any income”.

“Self Help Africa has brought hope to my life because of the business training in seed growing which I have attended. I have realized that women can also undertake business enterprises. In this area I am the only female seed grower and this is the first time I have grown certified seed of this kind”

She feels a new door in her life has now been opened and is happy that she is able to provide necessary support to the orphan. Esther expects 154 kgs of shelled groundnuts from 5 kgs she grew last season. From selling the certified seed she intends to purchase 2 bags of fertiliser and certified seed in preparation for next planting and then use the remainder for household necessities.