Small loan turns young mother into successful businesswoman

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A small loan she received six years ago transformed the life of 29-year-old mother of two Bezina Abinet from Ethiopia.

Bezina used to make a living by selling bread at home. Without any means of scaling up her business and reaching her potential, she was struggling to make ends meet.

When Bezina joined the Abdi Gudina SACCO, supported by Self Help Africa, she started saving about one euro a month. After a while, she was able to get her very first loan:

“I was very happy when I received my first loan” Bezina remembers, smiling. “I had the motivation, but not the money, so when I got the loan, I started my business immediately.”

“I used my first loan to buy a juice making machine, and started selling juice, and then coffee., I even started opening my grocery store 24 hours per day.”

Today, Bezina owns three grocery stores, employs six people and is financially independent from her husband.

“When you’re dependent on your husband or someone else, it’s very hard, so I am very happy to be financially independent. It’s good for the family because there is no argument over money.”

Bezina now wants to grow her businesses, invest in her childrens’ education and a better home. She’s also planning to buy some land to start growing food.