Norah’s hope for the future

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Help families like Norah's

Donations to our Give2Grow campaign made between 15th February to 15th May 2019 will be doubled by the UK Government, meaning you can help not just one family like Norah's, but two.

Mother-of-six Norah Alupo still remembers clearly when Joseph Kony’s murderous army arrived in her village in Teso during the height of the reign of the Lord’s Resistance Army, a decade ago. “They ravaged our homes, destroying everything they laid their hands on” she recalls sadly. Norah, and her family, were among the thousands of people from Teso forced to leave their lives behind and flee to one of the many displacement camps in northern Uganda and beyond.

When she returned home to Teso, one of the poorest regions of Uganda, Norah had to start from scratch. Today, aged 30, she entirely depends on small-scale farming for a living, rearing two goats and growing cassava, millet and sorghum on a two-acre land.

“Most of what we grow is for our own consumption, I only sell my crops to be able to pay for basic needs, such as soap, and school fees for two of my sons,” she explains.

“During harvest time, my family eats two meals a day. The rest of the year, we can only afford to eat once a day,” she adds.

Despite this traumatic past, Norah is looking to the future with hope and optimism – and this is where you come in. When you Give2Grow, you’re helping us  support 1,000 farming families like Norah’s to rebuild their farms and earn more from their land.

Norah hopes to use this support to start her own small business – to earn herself a sustainable income, which she plans to invest in better housing and education. “Only two of my sons go to school today. I hope all my children will complete their education and get decent jobs like teachers or doctors.”

 All public donations to Give2Grow between 15th February to 15th May will be matched by the UK government – a very special chance to help not only one family like Norah’s, but two.

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