You Can Change A Life This Christmas

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Emembet and her children

This Christmas, imagine being able spread the joy of the festive season. Imagine a gift that will last well beyond Christmas. A gift that will change lives forever.

Self Help Africa’s Lifetime Gifts give you the chance to provide hope and opportunity to some of Africa’s poorest people. With practical gifts such as goats, seeds or farm tools, you can support rural poor African families farm their way out of poverty.

Across sub-Saharan Africa, Self Help Africa is helping close to 300,000 families to become productive and self-sustaining farmers. Families like Emebet’s.

Emebet lives with her 4 children in Butajira, Ethiopia. “Previously, we had problems accessing improved seed. Our farm productivity was low, and sometimes there was not enough food to eat.”

Joining a Self Help Africa project in her village, Emebet received not only improved variety of seeds, but technical training including sowing, planting and weeding, as well as chickens.

Lifetime Gifts really do change lives…

Those simple gifts were truly life-changing for Emebet and her family:

“Growing more food and raising chickens has helped increase my income. With the extra money I was able to purchase a dairy cow and horse cart to further grow my farm business.”

“There have also been many changes for my family. I can feed my children more nutritional food such as eggs. I have great hopes for my children for the future. I want them to be educated until university and I want to help them to begin their own life” Emebet says.

With gifts starting at just £10, Self Help Africa supporters have the opportunity to transform the lives of thousands of poor rural families in Africa this Christmas. “When you buy a Lifetime Gift, you’re not just giving piglets, chickens or a bag of seed. You’re giving mothers, like Emebet, the building blocks to help themselves and their children. You are giving them the helping hand that they need, to transform their lives and their futures.” said Martha Hourican, Head of Fundraising at Self Help Africa.

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