Future blooming brighter for Loveness

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The future for Loveness Jera is blooming much brighter – thanks to sunflowers.

 A member of the Chalimbana Sunflower Producer Group in Guduza village, Loveness was supported as part of a Self Help Africa project aimed at improving livelihoods in rural Zambia.

The Sunflower Producer Group are involved in producing vegetables, alongside their sunflowers. Loveness and the other members of the group received training in sustainable agriculture, as well as business skills.

For Loveness, the project has improved more than just her livelihood. It’s changed her whole life, and the lives and futures of her children, for the better.

 In just three years, the change has been remarkable. Before the project started, life was very tough. Loveness could not afford food for the year, let alone to send her children to school or to purchase farm equipment.

 Today, Loveness’ income has increased eightfold. She’s now sending all of her three children to school, can harvest enough food to last all year, and has made improvements to her house.

 Many other women have benefitted from the project, including 22 others in Loveness’ village and 2,000 more overall across the Eastern Province region.

 “This project has made my dreams come true” beams Loveness.