Championing Ethiopia’s women farmers

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AsterMolammo 650

Aster Molammo is a voice for change in her local community.

She dreams that one-day women will have the same rights as men in Doya Gena district of Ethiopia’s SNNPR, and as a member of a local farmers’ cooperative is working to make that change a reality.

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Goat scheme makes light of challenge

Self Help AfricaNews, Uganda

Light Uganda650a

Patrick Kakuru is looking forward to a time when the day no longer ends when the sun goes down.

Like 95% of rural Ugandans, he lives ‘off the grid’, with no access to mains electricity. However, support from a Self Help Africa project has made the future a little brighter.

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Quarter million use farm phone service

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phone 650

A mobile phone information service established by Self Help Africa in 2014 to provide timely information to rural poor farmers, has been used almost a quarter of a million times within its start. Launched in Malawi late last year, the ‘321’ voice activated service provides subscribers to the country’s largest mobile phone network with a suite of farm information services that they can access at the push of a button.

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Children’s future motivates Emmanuel

Self Help AfricaNews, Uganda

EmmanuelN 650

A club foot that makes it difficult to farm the steep mountain slopes of Bukimbiri district in Uganda is just one of the obstacles that 54-year old Emmanuel Ngororano has had to overcome in his life.

But he has succeeded in producing enough to keep his family fed, although he struggles to afford the ever-increasing costs of sending his children to school.

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Farming for the family

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Gastone and family

Scovia and Gastone Ndisasirwa are amongst thousands of Ugandans whose lives are being transformed by a scheme supporting the development of fruit and vegetable gardens as a means of improving household nutrition.

Young parents of two girls, their garden now looks as if it could stock a supermarket vegetable counter – with cabbage, amaranthus, papaya and tomato growing alongside pumpkin and other produce.

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Peace helps to bridge information gap

Self Help AfricaNews, Uganda

Peace phone

Just as mobile telephones have revolutionised the ways we communicate, phone technology is also playing a vital role in transforming the lives of farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. For them, the ability to check market prices, or find out at the touch of a button about plant diseases, or when they should sow, is bridging an information gap that has hindered productivity in rural Africa, for generations.

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Like mother, like daughter

Self Help AfricaNews, Uganda

Fulumina and Grace

As the leader of of a farmer’s group, 50-year-old potato farmer Fulumina has a lot to be proud about. Despite this achievement, what she is most proud of is her daughter, Grace.

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