New crops give farmer new future

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Sydney web

The harsh realities of life in rural Africa cause many to grow up too quickly; this was the case for Zambian Sydney Kalota, who lost both parents in quick succession as a teenager. Left without any relatives close by to support him. Left alone, he did the only thing he knew to survive, he began to farm.

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Beekeeping suits young farming couple

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Evalyne and Tito

Married as teens, Evalyne (28) and 30-year old Tito have been working side by side on their farm for the past decade. Parents of four young children, supporting the family on a just a small parcel of land in rural Uganda hasn’t always been easy – yet they have managed, together.

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Farm training pay off for Agnes

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Agnes planting

When experienced farmer Agnes Katushabe (53) volunteered her farm as a demonstration site to promote the production of healthy and nutritious food crops, she didn’t anticipate the added benefits she would get from the experience.

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Farming for the family’s future

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Sana 650b

Sana Mamata never had a proper education. But she’s happy that she can now support her own kids through school, and particularly proud to be able to sponsor her elder son’s journey to university.

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Irish Adventurers on Unprecedented Swim

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Seasoned Irish adventurers David Burns and Maghnus Collins will be sticking close to home for their next expedition in aid of Self Help Africa, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be one of their toughest challenges yet. Starting this summer, the pair will begin an unprecedented swim around the entire island of Ireland.

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