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@BalcasEnergy Thank you so much for the support! 🌳🌳🌳💚💚💚
It's World Soil Day. 🌍 🌱

Theme = 'Soils: Where Food Begins' - 95% of our food comes from soil but more could be produced from sustainable soil mgmt.

A great example of this is by planting trees!

Trees improve soil quality by pulling minerals to the surface. 🌳💚
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Today is International Volunteers Day so we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who believes in what we do and gives us their time - rain or shine! - to support our events, our charity shops, church gate collections and more!

Thank you all so much! 💚
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We have an event coming up!

Register now to join our panel discussion next Thursday on Ireland's time on the UN Security Council: How have we been addressing Gender-Based Violence and what are the next steps?

Register here:
#16DaysOfActivism #EndGBV
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Today, we're behind Door 4 in the Children's Advent Calendar.

@adventofchange supports us & 47 other great causes. We get a donation for each sale of their Premium Advent Calendar, the Children's Advent Calendar & Advent Candle.

Buy now:
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Feel the buzz of changing a family’s life. 🐝

Beekeeping doesn't rely on soil or rainfall + produces honey which can be eaten & earn income! 🍯

It includes a beehive, bee suit + training.

Shop now: (IE & rest of world)
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