Golden Bees bright future

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With just $300 in savings, beekeeping entrepreneurs Brian Mugisha and Vincent Ochan started ‘Golden Bees Ltd’ on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda just over a decade ago.

Today, their social enterprise provides employment to 12 people, and sources produce from over 2,600 small-scale beekeepers across the country.

‘Golden Bees Ltd’ export bee-products, including honey, wax and propolis across East Africa and into markets in Europe.

The company has embarked on an ambitious expansion plan that aims to increase production from 50 up to 600 metric tonnes per annum, over the next five years.

‘Golden Bees Ltd’ also provides consultancy services and training to other beekeepers, and produces and sells beehives and other equipment in the Uganda market.

The company’s co-founder Brian Mugisha was presented with the ‘Spirit of Africa’ award for 2019 at Self Help Africa’s annual Change-Makers’ Gala in Boston, last weekend.