Our Impact

For five decades, we have been helping women in Africa take control of their lives.

Our Focus at Self Help Africa is on women

Self Help Africa works in 15 countries in Africa, tackling poverty and improving the lives of local communities.

Our African staff work with local and international partners to run a range of development programmes that support rural communities, particularly women farmers. By bringing together our diverse partners, we are able to successfully serve the needs of underdeveloped rural communities across the continent.

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Making a difference to lives in Uganda

Self Help Africa has been running agriculture and rural development projects in Uganda for nearly 20 years that align with Uganda’s national strategies in these areas.

Our programmes support seed production, the development of a green economy for communities living around lakes, the training of men and women farmers in best practices and create resilient, self-sustaining farming communities free from hunger and poverty.

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In Malawi, we are working with partners to help create resilient, self-sustaining farming communities.

Women farmers are accessing better access to quality seeds and using remote sensor technology to monitor for pests. And in rural communities, a comic book with a gender-focused theme is helping families in rural Malawi work together as equals, regardless of gender.

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You can find more on where we work and what we do to support rural women here