Rural Women

Rural Women

Closing the gender gap for women farmers

The thoughts of all at Self Help Africa are with our friends Glenisk, following the devastating fire at their Offaly manufacturing facility. Read more here.

Self Help Africa: Advancing Gender Equity in Rural Africa

In Africa, women produce up to 80 per cent of the food grown on small-scale farms but receive just a fraction of the support available.

Gender inequality is preventing women farmers reaching their full potential. At Self Help Africa, we are working every day to level that playing field.

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Self Help Africa is dedicated to ending hunger and poverty in rural Africa.

250 million people in Africa, farmers and their families, suffer hunger and malnutrition, struggling in extreme rural poverty without enough food; left behind by rising economic growth.

It is tough working in the field every day, trying to provide while balancing the challenges of climate change to crops and yield
Stay up to date on our work with women. We have multiple case studies and stories about women, outin the field working to provide for their families

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