Semida’s Story

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Witimba Farmer Field School in Malawi aims to make its members and their households self sufficient through food and income security.

Semida N’gambi, a member of the school, was motivated to join, as she felt that she didn’t grow enough produce for the amount of effort she was putting in. After learning about Mbeya manure through the Farmer Field School, Semida used this on her maize crops and doubled the amount of her yields.

She then used the money to buy three pigs and build a kitchen. “My household is food secure; I can eat the different food groups without any problem. I am also able to pay school fees for my children and am determined to send them to college.”

Witimba Farmer Field School is part of Self Help Africa’s KULIMA BETTER programme, funded by the EU. The aim is to promote sustainable agricultural growth, increase incomes, employment opportunities, food, and nutrition security in Malawi despite changing climatic conditions. The project is currently reaching 12,843 Farmer Field Schools.