Rosevita’s Story

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Since joining Self Help Africa’s Irish Aid funded dairy project in collaboration with KALRO in Kenya, lead farmer Rosevita has reaped the benefits: “I’ve seen a remarkable improvement in the health of my animals, and an increase in milk production by at least one litre per cow per day. I’ve also gained new skills on feed conservation and animal nutrition.”

Project members were encouraged to set up one acre of maize for silage making, with Rosevita hopeful she’ll have enough to feed her animals through the dry season. She also plans to address water scarcity in the region by building an underground water tank so her animals have access to water year-round.

The project is all about working together, with Rosevita providing her fellow members of Olenguruone dairy farmers cooperative with six litres of milk each day.

“It’s a lifetime investment and I hope that it will propel me to another level in the near future. I have shared the same knowledge with other members in my village – my farm is also used as learning centre which makes me especially proud.”