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A year like no other


Ray Jordan, Group CEO

Where we work


Self Help Africa has 40 projects across 8 countries in africa

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Project Overview
One Million Trees

Launched in February 2020, One Million Trees set out to plant a million trees in Africa, as well as 100,000 native trees in Ireland and the UK. Sponsored by Ireland’s premium yogurt producers, Glenisk, and featured on millions of pots of organic bio pot yogurt, the campaign captured the public imagination.

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Our Mission is to support sustainable livelihoods for Africa’s smallholder farmers


What We Do

Agriculture & Nutrition

Over 70% of Africa’s poorest people live on small farms. We help these farming families achieve their potential to grow much more and earn more from their land.


We bring communities together - working as a cooperative means farmers can access new markets and earn a better income from their produce.


We’re working to level the gender field in sub-Saharan Africa. When women receive the same support as men, yields increase 20–30%.


We invest in people – providing access to small loans through microfinance gives impoverished rural families the means to improve their farms, so they can grow, eat and sell more.

climate smart

Those least responsible for climate change are the most affected by global warming. We support vulnerable communities to adapt to changing climate, through climate smart agricultural techniques.


We nurture small businesses and encourage enterprise, enabling households to earn a vital alternative source of income.

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