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Households are implementing better farming practices and have improved diets, a mid-term review concluded.

Changing cassava landscape

Almost 75% of women working on cassava project have better living standard

A Brighter future
for refugees

of respondents said that their living conditions had improved

a brighter future for Refugees

Africa is home to nearly 30% of the world's refugees. Projects in Zambia and Uganda have supported refugee families to become more self-sufficient.

AMaizeing Market Access for Ethiopia's Smallholder Farmers

Thousands of smallholder farmers in Ethiopia have been supported with improved access to markets for their crop, as part of a Self Help Africa programme working to develop the maize value chain.


Challenge Funds

Self Help Africa is committed to supporting a green economy approach for low carbon, resource-efficient, and socially inclusive growth. To achieve this objective, SHA manages two Challenge Funds in Zambia and Kenya.

Challenge Funds are competitive financing facilities to disburse donor funding for development projects.

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Challenge funds

From Farm to Market

Sub-Saharan Africa has a quarter of the world's arable land but produces just 10% of the world's agricultural output.

Self Help Africa is committed to supporting Africa’s smallholder farming families to increase the quantity and the quality of food that they produce on their small farms. In a region with an estimated 33 million farms of average size of just two acres, we support small-scale farmers to increase their yields and diversify what they grow.

Africa’s agricultural transformation needs much more than that, however. A multi-track approach must support the creation of profitable markets and removes obstacles to trade. This will enable Africa’s small-scale farmers to earn more from their work and is vital if agriculture is to be a driver of economic growth and a key instrument to end extreme poverty.

Self Help Africa and our social enterprise subsidiaries – TruTrade and Partner Africa - are focused on developing opportunities and breaking down the barriers to progress faced by millions of farming families.

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