Virtual Fitness Challenge: Walk without a Footprint

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Join our Walk without a Footprint Virtual Fitness Challenge!

This May we are looking to move with impact, joining together as a community around the globe to support some of our most vulnerable populations by moving to plant trees and offset our carbon footprint.

Whether you are working out in your living room, taking a yoga class, or hiking outside, every activity counts toward offsetting our carbon footprint.

Register as an individual or make a team of your own with fitness goals, this challenge is inclusive to all levels of fitness. Are you a confident runner training for a marathon? Create your own team and challenge them to complete 26 miles a week! Looking to add some activity to your work-from-home lifestyle? Commit to 20 minutes of movement a day with a few friends! Whether you’re running, walking, yoga-ing, or grooving, we look forward to working-out together for a brighter future in Africa.

Register below to sign up for this great event starting May 15th!