This Christmas, your gift can last a lifetime

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Christmas is a time for giving. And while we love giving thoughtful presents to our loved ones, it is even more rewarding to know that our gifts will also support those most in need.

This is what Gorta-Self Help Africa’s Lifetime Gifts are about. This Christmas, you can help transform the lives of poor farming families across Africa by purchasing from our life-changing gifts catalogue, where presents start from just €10.

When smallholder farmers receive a goat, a chicken or seeds, they receive the gift of a future. Those presents mean they can start increasing their farm production, provide a more nutritious diet to their children, and even set up small businesses, improving their family’s income in the long run.

For vulnerable farming families in sub-Saharan Africa, the impact of receiving livestock, farm inputs and training is invaluable. Christine and Timothy Mtonga, from Chaola village in Eastern Zambia, know it well.

Twelve years ago, the couple received seven goats from Gorta-Self Help Africa. Since then, their herd has grown, and they are now making an income from selling their goat kids. This extra income has allowed them to buy seeds, tools, fertiliser and other inputs to help them increase the production on their small vegetable garden.

“When you give goats to a farmer, it provides a jump-start for that person to improve their life. That’s exactly what happened to us,” explains Christine, who says her children’s diet and health have significantly improve from drinking goat milk and eating a wider variety of vegetables.

As part of a pass-on scheme, Christine and Timothy have given some of their goat kids to other farmers in their village, meaning the wider community is now reaping the same benefits, improving housing, feeding their children better and sending them to school.

Christine and Timothy are only one of the many inspiring examples of how, by purchasing a lifetime gift, you can give transform the lives of families this Christmas.

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