Q-2522 Request for Quotation for consultancy for Global Safeguarding Manager




In late 2021 Self Help Africa (SHA) and United Purpose (UP) merged. The two organisations – one headquartered in Ireland and the other in Wales – implement projects to end extreme hunger and poverty.

This merger doubled our size and reach – and means that in 2022 we are implementing poverty eradication projects in 17 countries, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. Collectively, we are also part of a group that includes social enterprise subsidiaries Partner Africa, TruTrade and Cumo Microfinance. 

In 2023 our work will reach more than six million people and invest upwards of €45m in more than 100 development programmes designed to improve food systems, facilitate access to markets and financial services, combat climate change, gender inequality, and improve access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.

We are looking for a dynamic, proactive and results-oriented Global Safeguarding Manager to lead on the development and implementation of the Group safeguarding strategy, policies and practices.

  1. Purpose

Working closely with the Risk and Compliance Manager, you will provide support to all Gorta Group entities including country programmes, be a trusted advisor and add value that will assist in key decision making.

You will lead on the development and implementation of the Group safeguarding strategy, policies and practices with the overall aim of contributing to the achievement of the Group’s mission. You will ensure that the highest safeguarding standards are in place throughout all aspects of the Group’s work, allowing the Group to fulfil its obligations in relation to the safeguarding of children, young people and adults and supporting the creation of a positive safeguarding culture.

The Services to be performed under the Contract shall be effected within a 12-months Contract (Contract of a 100 days spread out over 12 months from Contract placement) unless terminated earlier in accordance with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of the Contract. This Contract can be extended annually subject to funding and mutual agreement between SHA and the Consultant a minimum of six weeks prior to end of contract.

  • Objectives

Key responsibilities of the Global Safeguarding Manager will be:

Policy Implementation and Integration:

  • Review, update and/or develop in collaboration with the Risk and Compliance Manager all applicable Group policies and procedures relating to safeguarding, aligning policies of all Group entities to the highest safeguarding standards and in compliance with Irish, UK and other applicable laws
  • Review previous Safeguarding baseline audits and internal audits
  • Build on the safeguarding framework already in place ensuring it remains fit for purpose
  • Develop an organisational safeguarding action plan and coordinate its implementation

Technical Advice and Support:

  • Advise and support management and all relevant staff in HQ, country programmes and Group entities in successfully implementing and embedding organisational safeguarding measures and procedures to ensure all Group entities are fully compliant with statutory, donor, internal and regulatory requirements whilst keeping communities, staff and partners safe
  • Monitor delivery on specific project requirements in safeguarding
  • Attend regular country offices and Group entities Safeguarding Committees and provide key advice to them, monitor safeguarding action plans progresses and produce executive summary report as required
  • Feed into the Risk Management process as appropriate and follow up on risk mitigation measures related to safeguarding
  • Work with Programme teams to embed safeguarding in all stages of the programme lifecycle, ensuring safeguarding is adequately resourced and financed across programmes, reviewing project proposals

Organisation Knowledge and Learning:

  • Develop in coordination with the Risk and Compliance Manager a systematic methodology for tracking, recording and evidencing completion of compliance and safeguarding trainings using Salesforce software
  • Develop and deliver training workshops to Board/Members, management, colleagues, associates, downstream partners, volunteers, contractors/suppliers and communities, etc. on safeguarding utilising Salesforce to track, record and evidence attendance. Work closely with HR to ensure safeguarding is embedded in the induction process
  • Stay up to date with safeguarding best-practices and be proactive in raising awareness and disseminating these to the Group colleagues and stakeholders

Reporting & Case Management:         

  • Advise countries/Group entities in developing and rolling out effective community feedback and complaints mechanisms in the communities we work with, strengthening community level safeguarding processes
  • In coordination with the Risk and Compliance Manager, standardise tools, and processes for a systematic recording of community feed-back and complaints in all countries/Group entities
  • Manage the procurement of external Safeguarding investigation services and oversee all Safeguarding investigations, in coordination with the Risk and Compliance Manager and management
  • Advise countries/Group entities on investigations facilitating links to services and support
  • Advise the Risk and Compliance Manager on wrongdoing investigations, ensuring organisational safeguarding policies, principles and values are embedded in investigation processes, including a survivor centred approach
  • Ensure safeguarding incidents are reported as appropriate to the relevant Charity Commission and/or Charities Regulator
  • Provide quarterly and annual reports to management and Boards/Members summarising safeguarding incidents
  • Provide regular reports for senior management on the implementation of the safeguarding action plan, including progress on training, awareness raising, investigations, reporting of cases, etc.
  • Keep up-to-date on all donor safeguarding requirements and ensure all relevant information for donors such as ECHO, EU, FCDO, UN etc. is reported
  • Request for Proposal submission requirements

Proposals must be submitted via electronic format to the following address: [email protected]  Proposals must be received not later than 13th February 2023, 1.00 PM UK/Irish time. Proposals that are received late or are in a format that cannot be accessed will be deemed to be invalid.

Each Proposal must follow the requirements as set out in this document.

  • Queries & clarifications

Requests for additional information or clarifications should be sent via e-mail to [email protected] and can be made up to 7 days before the deadline. SHA will respond to such requests as appropriate. 

Where appropriate, queries may be amalgamated and shared with all potential applicants on https://www.selfhelpafrica.org/category/tenders in a timely manner. No private dialogue will take place with any potential applicant.

Between the issuing of the Proposal document and before the response submission date, on no account is any applicant to contact or communicate directly with any member of the SHA team who is involved in work concerning this Request for Proposal process.

Please see all relevant documentation here.

  • Proposed Timelines
Deadline for submissions of Proposals13th February 2023 at 01:00 PM UK/Irish time
Interviews19th February 2023
Start of consultancy1st March 2023 or earlier