Romewalks Le Havre-Rome Charity Walk

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Rome Walks

Why not follow in the footsteps of Roman legions this year and join us on the 50 day Romewalks Le Havre-Rome Charity Walk departing Le Havre on Wednesday, 11th September 2019.

You can also join us for a section or two or three or whatever your time allows. Meet people from all walks of life and age groups (18 or over) and use your sponsorship funds to support the work of Self Help Africa.

Make lifelong friends, and improve your health on this well planned, life changing experience organised by people who have walked every step of the way.

The walk is 1300 miles/2000km in length. Le Havre is the fastest starting point for walkers to get us into central and southern France. Rome is a magnificent end to a wonderful walk. It’s full of history. Roman legions in 412 AD and Allied troops in 1944 have marched it. There are no difficult mountain routes and the scenic route will be taken wherever possible.

Visit the Romewalks website to find out more about this experience of a lifetime.