Double your impact

All donations from the UK public to Give2Grow made between 15th February – 15th May will be matched by the UK Government.

your impact is doubled today

All donations from the UK public to Give2Grow made between 15th February – 15th May will be matched by the UK Government.
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    In Uganda, 70% of the population rely on agriculture for a living (World Bank, 2017).

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    Teso is one of the poorest areas of Uganda, with more than half of the people here living on less than 15p a day.

In Uganda, up to 70% of people rely directly or indirectly on farming for a living, yet many households survive through subsistence farming – growing food on just a portion of the available land, with little support.

For the people of Teso, north-eastern Uganda, the challenge has been made even greater in the aftermath of the onslaught of murder and rape at the hands of Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), which saw villages burnt, farmland and crops destroyed, and parents living in fear of having their children stolen as child soldiers.

In the face of this violence and trauma, people have started returning to Teso with courage, hope and determination to rebuild their farms and look to the future.

How your donation can help

We know that agriculture is the answer – across sub-Saharan Africa, farming is 11 times more effective at reducing poverty than other approaches (source: FAO).

Our Give2Grow project will invest in training to help small farmers make the most of their land – supplying start-up seeds, poultry and animals, and facilitating community groups to provide a network of support and encouragement. With that support, people living in one of the poorest parts of Africa will be able to grow and earn more – improving their own lives, and the lives of their children.

With your help, Self Help Africa’s Give2Grow programme will be working with 1,000 families – particularly women and young people – to support them to restore their farmland, grow more crops, and rebuild their homes and their community. They’ll be able to better feed their families, grow a surplus and be able to earn an income from their farm work, eventually becoming more independent and self-sufficient.  We’ve seen it time and again – communities successfully working themselves out of poverty, providing for their families, and looking ahead to a brighter future.

Here’s how your donation to Self Help Africa’s Give2Grow will make a difference to the lives of families in Teso, helping them to become food and income secure by 2020:

  • Farmers will have access to better quality seed and cuttings to grow on their small farms
  • Providing poultry and other small livestock will enable families to improve household nutrition and farm income
  • Empowering farmers and building their independence through farm training and small business skills training
  • Supporting the establishment of savings and loans associations

Everyone deserves the chance to stand on their own two feet and reach their potential – Give2Grow will provide the people of Teso with the resources and opportunity to work their way out of poverty.

Double your impact

From 15th February – 15th May, all public donations to Give2Grow will be doubled by the UK government.

It means that, when you give today, your donation has double the impact! Here are examples of how your money can go further:

√ Your gift of £20 will support not just one, but two farmers – with improved breed poultry that are less vulnerable to disease. Farmers will have a more regular supply of eggs – a vital source of nutrition – for the family. They will receive training on poultry husbandry and management so they can continue to breed and improve their livestock into the future.

√ Your gift of £130 becomes £260  which can entirely support one family on a range of farm production and income-generating activities, enabling them to become self-sufficient within two years.

√ Your gift of £750 becomes £1,500 which will provide one of four solar-powered renewable irrigation schemes reaching up to 300 households in Teso.

When you ‘Give2Grow’ you are helping to deliver lasting change – so that families have a secure source of food and income, and can provide a better future for their children.*

* Public donations and match funding from the UK government will support 1,000 families barely surviving through subsistence farming in Teso – helping households to restore and rehabilitate small farms that have been neglected following a generation of unrest.

In the event that the appeal raises donations in excess of this project’s needs – some public donations will be used towards similar livelihood and resilience projects in areas where Self Help Africa works.


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